Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Connoisseur Magazine

The Connoisseur Magazine brought back my inspiration to write because I was definitely heading back down the culinary track. But anywho, The C Mag is pretty much the shiza. It's a local magazine ran by students and young f0lk that covers everything you care about basically :] lol. Art, Fashion, Culture, Music, and Local Events for the Richmonders. And just because its based in Richmond, don't think we don't expand our horizons, we go there. And by "we" i mean "we". They hired me as their newest writer. My first article being on the Travelers movement, a group of anti conformists kids who hop trains and panhandle their way across the country. But don't think its a negative, they were reallllly laid back & pleased with their lifestyle. Its an interesting concept if you don't mind a little dirt. But back to the cmag, lucky for you, its online :] so go check it out!


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