Monday, October 6, 2008

Mission Statement

Hello, yo [as my friend Stephen would say]! This blog is probably as irrelevant as the next, however [hopefully] it will be just as entertaining. I'm currently a journalism student at Virginia Commonwealth University in the vintage [extra emphasis on vintage] city of Richmond. Just starting my journey, I am learning to network and seek internships & [if i get lucky] job opportunities. My biggest goal is to end up in the lovely New York City. This blog is being created for journalism practice as I am striving to become a a writer for a dope ass magazine. My current favorites include Missbehave Magazine (the sister magazine of Mass Appeal), Mass Appeal, Nylon, and Giant (its a dudes read but eh, its interesting). Newspapers will also never go out of style...especially in our interesting times. Anywho, before I begin to ramble on about the world and its crazy ways, this is only supposed to serve as an introduction to my many thoughts and findings [thanks to dorm boredom]. I promise I wont let you down!
-sincerely f0fanny.


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