Sunday, October 12, 2008


i have not abandoned my dear old blog. School has been hectic. in the past 5 days I have had nights where I haven't went to bed until 6:30. Tonight is not one of those nights by the way. But weekend recap..going backwards..Today I saw Bill Clinton. Very random sight to see. He was at VCU for an Obama rally. Had to miss it, due to a study group but I did catch a glimpse of his posse of cop cars and his SUV. He was waving...funny how the position of president appears to be more fun....hmm. Anywho, Saturday night was interesting. Plans of attending a glow in the dark party turned into a mosh pit of students complete with cops and mace. We hurried out of there and roamed around with some cool kids who call themselves "infamous." Very cool peoples. Umm, Friday was the sleepover. We hopped crews. Starting with our original guys Nikko, Jarred, & Stephen @ the hookah bar, we ended up with Josh, Derrick, Tim, & Justin. We ended up on my end and called it a night. Whats a sleepover without playing "salon"? >>
I'd have to say this weekend was lively but now its time for class again. yay. =/ goodnight lovers.


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