Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Time: Lazy Bones

It Summer. That means, no class and no job for me. So far I've just been riding around with my best, Bitty going to the beach, visiting friends, partying and such. I think I have a problem with not having any responsibilities or obligations. Like it was a completely turn around from when classes were in session. I was at the job every other day and when I was not at work I was in class striving to maintain that 3.0 + GPA.
Now its summer. Only one more year left of school and I'm a free'd bird. Guess I should really be planning for life after. Contemplating Peace Corps, Military Broadcasting, Grad School (in Cali?). Indecisiveness is a curse but its exciting and scary in one.

10 days until I ship off to Europe for my vacation. Germany and Amsterdam to be exact. I'm not gonna want to come back. But really excited. Many many pictures will be taken.

Anywho, just wanted to update. More to come, filling you in about my lazy days before things pick up full throttle again in a few months.


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