Monday, April 18, 2011

Nudes & Neons

The transition from the brisk winter into the sunny, warm spring is always an exciting. The sun starts beaming and the skin starts to show. More people log off their twitter accounts and actually go outside to enjoy each others' company. Things get more personal. With the new season comes new fashion, duh. So I'm pretty excited about the newness coming.
I'm a sucker for bright colors, I feel that without some kind of illumination in my outfit I'm just a blur. I'm pretty hype that nudes and neons are making a comeback. I feel that the creativity will return. Ladies, you better go cop your jumpsuits and your wedges early. I spotted some Matiko sandals to die for. Lol Butttt I'm going to be a little petty and not post them until their en route to my apt. They already sold out once, can you blame me.
But yes, spring and the fresh new beginnings it brings. I love this time of the year!


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