Saturday, November 6, 2010

Leaving on the Next Plane

Idk when I'll be back again....

Eh, I wish! Bought my tix to GA for turkey day to go see the family & friends. Very excited. All this midterm study has gotten the best of me. The break will be much-needed.
Also planning on taking a Euro trip at the end of the school year if I can afford it. Hoping that works out. Def wanna go back to France and see England and Amsterdam. And Deutschland of course to visit daddio.
Anywho, a lot of thinking lately. I'm more than halfway done with college. What next? I'm thinking of going abroad. Somewhere! I feel like things are getting kinda weird in our beautiful land of the free. Don't think so?
Eh, its just an opinion. But I've definitely noticed a lot of differences in our values since I got back from Europe in 07. Its easy to right in to it too but in the back of my mind its driving me nuts. The things that are on TV now, the food, the way people treat each other. It rubs me the wrong way. & Maybe that's just my weird perspective.

But back to the point. I've lost touch with my hobbies and traveling is one I need to pick up again.
Besides that, school x love is life right now.

Oh, and God over everything.

chea. <3


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