Thursday, October 29, 2009

Schokoladeee Mmmm

I woke up today to two packages from my Pops in Germany. He sent me a peacoat, sweaters, jeans, cooking utensils and best of all Kinder Reigel Schokolade. This chocolate is like CRACK. No really though, if I could, I would grow a kinder reigel tree to have my own supply lol. It is my abbbbsolute favorite!! Pops really looked out. I wonder how long they'll last. If you ever come across this candy, which i doubt you will, but just saying if you do. Grab as many as you can and run! lol Mmm im hype!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

She Said - The Pharcyde

So, my mom brought my brother and I up on Pharcyde, Slick Rick, Tupac. All this great music that people are finally learning to appreciate, decades later. But nonetheless, whether you're new to this old skool rap or if your an OG to it, you gotta love the classics. This song has been one of my favorites before I could even pernounce all the words to it. I still find myself bumpin it. But yeh, enjoy it! Go look up their music if you're yet to be hip to it. Anywho, I just found out I'm acing my Psych class. Now to knock out Humanities and Economics. I'm actually in the library, supposed to be doing an online workbook but my blog was calling me. Had to post a lil sum sum. :] Later loves! PS> Got my Atlanta tickets today. So Halloween and Dirty South photos soon to come!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Call me immature but... Idk. Just watch it. lol

For Your Health

There's a new cigarette out called the electronic cigarette (E-Cig) that is supposed to be better for your health. It contains no tar or tobacco but provides nicotine in the form of vapor. And its battery powered? Its supposed to help quitters. How, you ask? It still puts nicotine in your body! True but uh,its $200 a pack. Mhm. We'll see how willing people are to give moochers free e-cigs.

Nasir Mazhar x Spring 2010 Accessories

I have a weakness for bows. Even if they are humongous.

I love the blingblow! & Stretchmarks are hawt. :]

(Via Jak & Jil)

Holey Moly




All my friends are getting these unique piercings lately. I love the bold body expressions because I was definitely getting tired of everyone have the bottom lip ring. That thing was almost as common as Mickey D's. But anywho, I thought these were cool. Its funny the different places people decide thing to bling themselves out. Personally, I'm more into ink. I tried a few piercings, i think i've had like 10 total. But all I wear now are 3. I haven't bought a new belly ring in like 3 years. =/ eh! But tattoos, their easier to keep up with obviously lol.

Ps> go check their blogs!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Free. 99

Just real quick. I had the shittiest Wednesday this week. Lots of stress. Then I checked the mail and got my Nylon mag. Just so you know, in case you weren't aware already, Urban Outfitters gives you free subscriptions. Helloooo. FREE . Lol I definitely went through a years-worth of free Nylon mags already. Just updated my free subscription. I love perks :] lol
Go get your free read on! <3 K, I'm out like trout.

Shine Child, Shine!

So, it's Saturday again. Lately, I've been quite the hermit crab [minus our NYC retreat]. The girls and I have been too busy doing our own thing to hang out, and I've started to fall out of the club scene. My grades look nice though! However I find myself wondering, what happened to that social butterfly I once was? I read in a magazine once that you shouldn't have your "Moment of Shine" in your teenage years. Looking at it, maybe that's how people get played out. Is this why child stars always grow up to be twisted? I'm on the verge of 20 now [still young, yes I know] but the older I get, the more anxious I become to have that moment. Yeah, we were cool kids in high school but that counts for nothing. And then I wonder why even feel this pressure to be the next IT girl? Who doesn't want to be the IT girl? But then again, who cares? What will it change? Then it dawned on me. I don't wanna be America's next top model. I wasn't put here to be the sex symbol of the century. All in all, screw the pressure. I just want to write and live lavishly. Is that too hard? I think not. Sounds pretty damn successful to me.

"The Magic Key" - One-T x Cool-T

This used to be my song when I was a Euro-teen. I dedicate this to my older brother, Mr. Strangedub Ryan Willis. Love You!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

When you want to go fast...go slow!!

That's the advice my dad's been giving me lately. Typical. But I guess he's right. Like my good friend, Miss Mitch Mescudi puts it:

"living a fast paced life is like racing in NASCAR . the faster you , go the better the chances you have of winning . you've got one more lap to go & you swear nothing can slow you down . you look in your review mirrior and everyone else is so far in sight you don't even believe that they are there . in your head you can hear your driving coach telling you " slow the fuck down , are you trying to kill yourself ? " and before you answer you second guess your self . mabe you are . mabe you are and you just dont know it . " fuck the speed limit . " you say to no one . your almost there . you can just feel the taste of victory , along with other unmentionables . wait . the fuck is that on the track ? oh , its just a little rock . and the next thing you know your spinning out of control and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it ."

Very well put. This video shows the ups and downs of the fast life, which society's pressure to live this lifestyle is getting stronger and stronger. Parties x Sex x Drugs X Drama x Glamor. Live fast. Die young. Guilty pleasures, and who's to blame?? Do we blame them? Or ourselves? We fall into the trap of this glamorized recklessness, because believe it or not, we kinda want to. Its interesting the way we battle our intuition.
Devil on one shoulder & angel on the other. Just thoughts.
If you have ever been in Europe long enough, you fall in love with Robbie Williams music and this is one of my faaaavs by him. Enjoy!

PS> it gets kinda graphic so uhhh...yeh.

Just Because

Since my hair is now jet black [didn't think it would turn out that dark], it's only right I be Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction for Halloween. Plus New York left me too broke to buy a fancy costume. eh. I love that movie. Wonder if anyone will even recognize...

OH, Ps> Im done with that Econ exam. Woot!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

R. i. P. Bernard Makinwa

Rest in paradise, love. So sad to hear the news, you were a sweet dude. Prayers to family and friends.

WTVR news: VCU Student Death.

R.I.P Kanye West..siiike

Rumors of Kanye's Death. And his explicit video he had to removed because it was controversial. Somehow, I found it on youtube. I think i'm gonna have nightmares now. Thanks Kanye. Enjoy! [directed by spike jonz]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cram Sesh

So, Economics. That foreign class. I was told I was done with math, and then they trapped me with Econ. The midterm is definitely on Thursday and everyone I know who is enrolled in the class has not been in like 675849039485748390 days. So here's the plan. Cram as much info on Economics into my head in the next 2 days and then breathe. Wish me luck.

Oh & Ps> Blame the econ for my slacking posts.

Back to Black

Chopped the bangs & went realllllly black. Still saying NO to relaxers. We'll see how long that lasts!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Trigger Happy

New York treated us well.

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